All New Doctor Dread’s
Jerk Potato Chips

People are going crazy for my jerk potato chips. They say they are “addicting” but I can promise you there are no ingredients that would cause that except the exceptional flavor. Only the best is good enough for my customers. Wait till you see what comes next!!!

2 thoughts on “All New Doctor Dread’s
Jerk Potato Chips

  1. Dr. Dread your chips are the BOMB !!! i live in San Francisco and have many friends who have been to and are from JA and they love um’,also they remember your musical magic,can’t wait to see whats next. also thank you for the CD.

  2. Gary, I’m in the area (DC). Can I arrange to pick these up without the shipping, or by chance do you have them in stores anywhere? My DJ night is having its 11th anniversary coming up at the end of June, and I think we’d like to feature these along with the Jamaican rum punch we’ve got in the works. Let me know soon if you can. Thank you.


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