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Soak chicken cut into halves in cold water and vinegar for 20 minutes. This helps to kill any bacteria and keeps the chicken moist. Next, with the leg portion facing away from you, gently lift the skin and separate from meat with your hand. Do not remove. Put 1 tablespoon of sauce under skin on breast side and one under skin on thigh side. Spread around thoroughly. Turn over chicken and rub dry rub onto bone side. Let marinate in refrigerator overnight.

Get your grill nice and hot. Then turn flame to medium and cook bone side down for 30 minutes. Check chicken regularly to make sure it is not burning and you can press on the top of chicken to see if it feels firm and cooked. Now it’s time to get the skin crispy! Turn chicken over onto skin side and watch carefully as the skin gets golden brown and crispy pretty quick. Separate wing from bird and cook separately. Once it is crispy and done you now have to quarter the chicken to insure it is all cooked inside through and through. Take it off grill and hack it with a chopper into smaller pieces and serve. You can always use more sauce if you or your guests want it hotter.

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Take a whole cleaned fish which has been scaled and gutted with the gills removed. I prefer red snapper, black bass, striped bass and croaker although any fish can also be used either as a fillet or whole. Make 3 scores into each side of fish to the bone and put 1 teaspoon of jerk sauce into each score. Be careful with how much you use as fish is more delicate in taste and you don’t want to overwhelm the fish. Put 3 teaspoons of the dry rub into the belly and rub all around. Cover fish with olive oil so it can be grilled without sticking to the grill or cook on aluminum foil. Cook on each side for 10-15 minutes on medium heat or until done. Enjoy with lemon and be careful of bones.
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Take already cooked (or canned) salmon fillet and mix in an equal amount of cooked wild rice (I use boxed Uncle Ben’s), 1-2 whipped up eggs (depending on amount you are cooking), and some chopped up green onions (or scallion). Add some wet rub until you can slightly smell it. I would say 2 tablespoons for 1 pound of salmon. You don’t want to overspice it. Squish everything thoroughly making sure it is all well mixed together. Make burgers to the size of your liking and sauté in small amount of vegetable or olive oil until brown on each side. Let drain on a paper towel.

Mix wet sauce and dry rub onto meats or vegetables and let marinade for 3-4 hours. Cook over slow heat or in oven and enjoy when done.